Ep. 65 | Rah-Zen - Nightworks (April 29, 2018)


On this episode of the Beat Club Podcast, "Where Producers Are Heard," we chop it up with Rah-Zen. We talk about his monthly beat show "Nightworks," the beauty of sampling records, beat tapes on cassette and his latest release "Midnight Satori." We also throw our guest a sample challenge from X-Men, to chop up by the end of the show. All this and more while listening to and critiquing beats from producers across the globe.


Ep. 49 | 1st Sundays - Chune for Chune (1-7-2018)


Its "1st Sundays" on the Beat Club Podcast! That means nothing but the fellas, talking beats, and keeping it real!  The host also turn the tables and play their beats for a host edition of "Keep It or Cut It."