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The Stew $1,000 Grand Finale: Season 5 Beat Battle - #SGFS5


The Stew: Beat Showcase Grand Finale of Season 5 hosted by STAE TRU® and Authentic Lifestyle, returns Sunday, December 2nd, 2018 at Wonder Bar. Come and witness as we put our 8 top scoring producers, in an innovative beat-battle like no other! Producers go head to head and compose beats live while presented with a variety of challenges, ALL for the chance to win $1,000 CASH PRIZE, our championship title and more! 

So who will take home the title... Duggy Flex, J. Demers, 16 Bit Spit, Boys Cry, Ellio, Self Serv, Seoul or Eddie Random or will it be our wildcard from the #OpenKitchen

Doors open at 6pm. This is 21+ event. 

Music by: Turntablist Bobby "BanGers" Renteria & plus special performances. 

Guest Judges: Dart Adams (Resident), Toni Morgan (Beat Academy) & Shawn J. Period™! 

Live art painting by Dash.