If you are interested in battling at an upcoming showcase ( VERSeS ( 18+ Event ) or The Stew: Beat Showcase ( 21+ Event ) ), please fill out a submission form below.  *A registration fee will be required once approved.

*This registration form is NOT for the Open Kitchen (open mic for producers) part of our show. Those interested in our Beat Showcase's Open Kitchen are advised to show up the day of the scheduled event and register IN PERSON.



The Stew Beat Showcase Producer Panel features three judged rounds, intended only for panelists, and are not limited to the following challenges listed below:

Round 1: Chune for Chune (1 vs 1 Timed Battle). Each battler will be matched up against another and go "beat for beat" in three one minute rounds (3 beats played for one minute a piece). 
Round 2 & 3:  Skill-Set Challenges. These vary per battle and can focus on skill-sets in sampling, live beat making, scoring and more. (Registered panelists will be provided further details as the competition date approaches.)

Producers are judged on*:
Creativity (0-4)
Sound Quality (0-4)
Crowd Response (0-2)
*This scoring structure may not apply for all
Skill-set rounds.

Panelists with the highest score(s) at the end of the night will be invited to our annual Stew Beat Showcase “Grand Finale”. There they will compete against other high-scoring-panelists from the season for a $1,000 cash prize, The Stew championship title & more.



1) Register for a permanent slot in advance. No Battle needed for placement. (Registration fee required for panelist).

2) Battle for a slot during our #OpenKitchen  (PRODUCER OPEN MIC). Sign-up at the designated venue (slots are limited). Participants will be timed as they “rock the crowd;" the best-performance will be selected as a wildcard panelist. #OpenKitchen winner(s) must have equipment on site to qualify for the producer panel. #OpenKitchen registration fee required on-site.


Producers are timed as they play a variety of original beats. The participant with the best performance will be invited to compete as a wildcard panelist for the evening (*equipment to compete must be on-site for panel consideration). The wildcard panelist will battle with registered panelists, in three judged-rounds, for a finalist spot in our Grand Finale. This opportunity is on the first come, first served basis and takes place at the
venue on the date of the showcase. Pricing & available slots will be mentioned leading up to each event.


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