Ep. 89 | Akrobatik - Chasing the Sound(Nov 11, 2018)

On this episode we to chop it up with the legendary emcee, Akrobatik!

We get a chance to discuss the new Perceptionist album, the problems with "thin" sounding beats, chasing whats popular, making corporate connections, and the importance of having character and talent to back it up. All this and more while listening and critiquing beats sent in from around the world.

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Ep. 38 | 16 Bit Spit - "Swerve, So Long As You Don't Crash" (Oct 15, 2017)


On this episode, the fellas chop it up with producer & this year's SGFS4 finalist, 16 Bit Spit! We talk about the importance of stretching your talents, not pigeon-holing your sound and protecting your beats.

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