Ep. 91 | 1st Sundays - Keep It Or Cut It LIVE (Dec 9th, 2018)


It's "1st Sundays" on the Beat Club Podcast! That means we talk beats, pour-up some drinks and keep it real! And on this day, producers get to submit all of their beats live!

We also continue our search to find and award the "BEAT OF THE MONTH," where the winner receives a special sound pack from our sponsors. All this and more while listening to beats sent in from around the world.


Ep. 82 | Ollie Dodge - BeatMakers Boutique (Sept. 16 2018)


On This episode of the Beat Club podcast we chop it up with engineer, producer and owner of Beatmaker's Boutique... Ollie Dodge.

We talk about sound design, creating sound packs, up-selling your beats in studio sessions and learning from your peers. Ollie Dodge also gets put to the test as he chops up a random sample and makes a beat on the spot! All this and more while we critique beats sent in from around the world as we look to create the ultimate beat tape!

How To Make It On The Panel This Sunday


So you're a beat maker who just found out about The Stew Beat Showcase and would like to join the competition. Well, you still have a chance. During the The Stew we'll hold an #OpenKitchen (our producer open-mic) where ONE beat-maker will win a wildcard slot on the panel that night. All you have to do is show up early on August 26th (7PM sharp) and register (in person) for the open kitchen. Please keep these things in mind:

1. The #OpenKitchen is on a 1st come, 1st served basis. That means come as early as possible. There will be limited slots for the Open Kitchen during the Grand Finale.

2. The registration fee for the Open Kitchen is $40 (includes the entry). 

3. You MUST have your equipment with you to compete if you earn a slot on the panel via the Open Kitchen. During the main event we have live beat making challenges. No equipment? No competition. (Your laptop, a midi-keyboard, MPC, noise canceling/sound isolating headphones will do)

4. The Open Kitchen occurs before our main event of at 7-7:30PM.

5. You will have a 3 minute set to play your beats, rock the crowd & get the vote. Please have your set ready via a MP3 player, mobile device, tablet or laptop. You can choose your beats while in front of the audience to play or have a pre-made set. No elaborate setups needed to JUST play your beats for the Open Kitchen. If you advance from the Open Kitchen that is when you will need your setup to be able to create live.

6. Come with your HEAT! If you rock the crowd, you make it on the panel. If you make it on the panel the first round will be a head to head battle (time beat for beat battle) so make sure you have more than enough bangers available.