Got Beats? Want to win $1,000 cash?

So you didn't make it on to the panel for the Grand Finale or maybe you're a beat maker who just found out about our event and you would like to win $1,000. Well, now is your chance! During the Gran Finale: S2 event we will hold an #OpenKitchen (open mic for beat makers) where one lucky producer who showcases their beats can win the wildcard slot on the panel. All you have to do is show up early on December 13th and register for the open kitchen. Please keep these things in mind:

1. The #OpenKitchen is on a 1st come, 1st served basis. That means come as early as possible. There will be limited slots for the open kitchen during the finale.

2. You must pay an entry fee for the event. Advance tickets are $10 (buy here). General admission the day of the event is $15. After the entry fee you must sign up the day of the event to join the open kitchen. (Note: it might be smart to get your entry fee ticket early and save $5). Walk in and pay $50 for the open kitchen and walk out with $1,000 if you win. How does that sound?

3. You must have your equipment with you to compete on the panel if you win the open kitchen. During the main event we have live beat making challenges. No equipment? No competition. 

4. Last but not least... come with your HEAT! You will have 5 minutes to rock out for the crowd. You can play as many beats as you want within the 5 minutes.